By ManggaMadu

Hello, there. I am a 2nd term student of UGM, studying Computer Science. This story began when I was a 12 th grade student in a reputable school in a small town (location undisclosed). I was looking for a college to study something related to computers. Of course, it has to be one of the (lets just call it) Indonesian Ivy League trio (UGM UI ITB). And as you know, it’s difficult to get admitted. There are mainly 3 admission programs, SNMPTN (no test required), SBMPTN (pretty hard for me), and the university’s entrance examination (some univ. have higher budget to enter).

All of them are hard but one, SNMPTN. You can get admitted without any test. How? SNMPTN uses your high school scores to determine whether or not you are qualified. So, I began thinking, “What’s the best possible way to get admitted in the BEST university, but with the LEAST struggle?”. I wasn’t sure if I could get admitted via the tests. So, I thought “Maybe I’m just gonna try SNMPTN just pray”. Yes, I’d made up my mind.

So, I began my research, “Am I good enough to get admitted in this one? That one? The other one?”. I have a big brother who got admitted in ITB via SNMPTN. But lets look at his high school scores. “They’re all 90s, I’m close but not enough”. OK, now lets forget ITB. Let’s do a research on UI. I have another big brother. He tried to apply UI via SNMPTN. Unfortunately, he got rejected. His high school scores were also around 90s. Let’s forget this one too.

My thoughts were focused on UGM now. It’s possible, but I didn’t think this one is the best among the trio. “It’s okay, at least it’s not too far from home so that I can take care of my old parents”. Now, do you think I have another big brother? No, I only have 2 brothers, so no brother research anymore. OK, now lets think about the possibilities. The year before my high school graduation, many students from my school got admitted in UGM via SNMPTN, that’s a good sign. I thought it was possible to get admitted.

So, now, lets choose the Study Program in UGM (lets just call it so, I don’t know what to call it lol). My eyes were focused on Computer Science (CS) & Information Technology (IT). These two got me thinking for a long time. “Which one suits me the best?”. Because these to got me thinking so long, I skipped to the next step, comparing my high school scores to my schoolmates’. I found one girlfriend that choses IT as her 1 st choice (by ‘girlfriend’ I mean ‘a usual friend that is a girl’ lol). Lets look at her scores. They’re way above me!

So lets forget IT. Now, I only had CS UGM left. Thinking thinking, finally I chose this one for my 1 st choice. Then, I put IT UGM as 2 nd . I left the 3 rd choice empty. The admission announcement were around 10 days before the SBMPTN test. I just prayed & prayed that I would get admitted via SNMPTN so that I didn’t have to apply via SBMPTN. In that period I didn’t study at all, I just played & played *don’t try this at home*. And finally, I got admitted! Yeay! *Congratulating myself.


Do it with your own risk.
Maybe don’t even try this stupid method.
This is an example of how you should benefit from your big brothers’/sisters‘