OmahTI Learning Center 2022


OmahTI's annual event, OmahTI Learning Center 2022, provided attendees with two distinct categories: OLChat and OLClass. OLChat featured interactive talk shows and sharing sessions with speakers who were experts in various fields of technology, innovation, and business. The attendees had the opportunity to engage with these speakers and gain insights into their respective areas of expertise. The sessions were interactive and informative, with attendees asking questions and sharing ideas, making it a valuable learning experience.

OLClass was designed to provide attendees with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in three key areas: website development, data science, and blockchain technology. The website development class aimed to enhance the attendees' skills in building responsive and user-friendly websites. The data science class focused on using data to gain insights and make informed decisions, and the blockchain class aimed to educate attendees on the technical and business aspects of blockchain technology.

OmahTI Learning Center 2022 was a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to enhance their skills and knowledge in technology. The OLChat sessions enabled attendees to interact with experts, while the OLClass sessions provided them with hands-on experience and practical knowledge. Overall, the event was a huge success and helped to promote collaboration, innovation, and growth in the technology community.